Smart Affiliate Program

Trust Your Clients With the Professionals

You work hard every day to help your applicants achieve a better life. So do we! And we want to share the fruits of our labor and credit expertise with you — for free — to help you prepare your clients to actually live their dreams.

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Status Updates

Secure communication save you from being in the dark about your client’s credit updates with a 24/7 secured portal.

Marketing Tools

With embeddable lead forms, your client can sign-up to receive credit repair information from your website.

Credit Education

Provided for you and your clients, with easy to follow tips for faster results and to maintain great credit after our work is done.

Lead Tracking

Track all of your referrals in one centralized placed so that you have a better handle on your referral lead pipeline.

Track Your Client’s Success Through Your Affiliate Status Portal

It’s the most important tool any mortgage brokers, loan officers, auto dealers/salesman, and realtors can have. Your business grows by referrals. You can track and manage your client pipeline and make sure your leads are being serviced.

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